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Emergency Lighting

"XME provide clients with a superior lighting design and installation service specializing in commercial and industrial emergency lighting'


At XME we specialize in emergency lighting design and installations for industrial and commercial buildings in Devon. We cater our designs to the requirements of our clients as well as tailor designs to building type and structure.

Emergency lighting is an integral part of a building acting as a system for indicating to staff and facility users, presence of fire, hazards, system failures and power cuts. It is used as a guide to help individuals stay safe in the event of an adverse situation within a building.


Our experienced engineers create emergency lighting designs based on health and safety regulations, fire risk assessments, building requirements and level of occupancy within the property being assessed.

Emergency Light Bars

Fire Exit Signs

Emergency Sigange

Emergency Routes

Emergency Fire Systems

Emergency Signals

Emergency lighting services devon, exeter, london


Emergency Escape Lighting

This is used to signal to individuals within a building routes for evacuation. This is a compulsory requirement within a building and forms a integral part of providing staff and facility users with adequate health and safety. XME can provide an extensive superior escape lighting signage and other features to give your building maximum security and safety

Standby Lighting

Although a non-compulsory system it can be very useful in indicating to staff internal problems within a building to indicate whether to continue working or to provide staff with knowledge about a breakdown within the building.


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