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Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

"Case Study: Devon Fire & Rescue"

XME are part of the pro-contract list which allows organisations to use contractors who have successfully completed re-qualified financial and health and safety criteria. 

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue are now using this approved contractor list to selecting contractors to bid for projects. 

XME were invited to tender to upgrade the heating services in 5 fire stations. 

We were pleased to have been competitive on many projects and subsequently received orders to carry out upgrades to heating systems for 3 of the 4 projects that were awarded the budgets to be carried out. 

The largest of these projects being Bridgewater Fire Station, where the contract consisted of replacing the existing boilers with Potterton Cascade type and pipe work / radiator upgrades throughout the station.

Each fire station had its own requirements for BMS controls for plant shut down.

Plant shut down operations were either by door switches to turn off radiant heaters or by gas safety systems in individual boiler houses. 

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