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Sodexo Schools

"Case Study: Ricards Lodge High School"

Sodexo, a very good long-standing client of XME approached us with an issue at a school where an adverse situation was developing. The issue within the School involved deteriorating hot water cylinders and issues with the gas boiler. 

From extensive knowledge in the trade, XME understand the importance of water safety in which hot water temperatures must be maintained at a certain level. These levels should be regularly checked to avoid the growth of bacteria. In large buildings to give instant hot water to the furthest outlet a pump is used. Flow /return pipe work leading to and from the hot water generation is then installed. For various reasons the temperature over a period starts to drop and can mostly be due to the hot water generation equipment.

After identifying the problem within the school, the installation consisted of a Gas fire boiler and two large Hot water storage cylinders. In recent years the boiler had been replaced and could be eliminated. Following investigation in to the project it was identified that the large cylinders needed replacement.

The project consisted of cutting up the existing cylinders for their removal to be done safely as they were too large to remove. As the original installation was a very dated system it was decided that by installing high recovery cylinders their physical size could be less.

The installation consisted of two high recovery cylinders via a heat exchange supplied from the existing boiler. Following the completion of the installation the temperature has been bought up to the required temperature and compliance achieved. 

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