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With a team of experienced engineers, a fully equipped access control system can be installed allowing for increased management of your property. At XME our engineers have the ability to replace old dated systems for access control and replace it with upgraded systems tailored to your buildings structure and design. All of our Access Control systems are designed in compliance with fire risk assessments to ensure fire safety which is often overlooked with older control systems.

When installing access control systems, XME understand that there are external factors which can effect the design and implementation of control systems. We therefore offer advice in compliance with the latest regulations and the design of your building. We will design the access control system to your specific needs and desires incorporating many features such as:

Access control systems which work with CCTV and  intruder alarms

Access control systems integrated with door and video entry

Card Access Systems

Pin Number Systems

Hands Free Entry

Key Fobs

Access Control

"Whether you want to provide or limit access into certain areas of your building, XME are able to install intelligent software to increase security and control for commercial or industrial spaces."

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