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"See what our clients have to say about our dedicated teams"

We always aim to deliver our client with a superior service, and as a result of our service the clients we have worked with are always happy to provide us with the highest recommendations.

"With XME’s hard work and dedication we successfully delivered 6 super eco-friendly and low energy homes built to Passive House standards.  Passive House construction requires stringent ‘hands-on’ control of detailing and expert care on site.  XME fully embraced this throughout. They delivered the complete mechanical package that included Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery that was a critical element in ensuring the air tight properties were provided with comfortable air and excellent energy efficiency. 

XME consistently worked closely with our Site team in order to fully understand the details and principles demanded by Passive House. The outstanding results that we achieved, with air tests recorded at 0.19 air changes per hour, are testament to this collaborative approach. Under the direction of James, XME bring a level of client understanding that sets them apart from others, and makes them a contractor of choice when considering future work.  A pleasure to work with."

 Mark Harris,   C G Fry & Son Limited
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