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Fire Safety & Security

'Fully Tailored Fire System Installation Services in Devon'

If you are a building owner or building manager it is essential that you adhere to the latest fire protection regulations. It is vital that your building is fitted with an effective fire system to ensure health and safety standards are met for all your staff and facility users. At XME our contractors are qualified to design a fire protection installation system to give maximum fire safety within your building catered to your buildings specific structure and design. Our engineers can provide a fully tailored installation service including:

√  Manage your fire suppression system

√  Fire Systems Designed to fit your building

√  Fire System Installations

√  Maintenance of Fire Systems 

√  Emergency repairs of Fire Systems

At XME we use high quality equipment to maintain fire protection, detection, suppression and alarm systems. We also understand the importance of working to health and safety regulations and ensure that fire systems are up to date with the latest requirements.


As it is the law that employers must provide adequate fire risk assessment's to ensure the safety of their staff, it is vital that you ensure that your building is correctly maintained. Without adequate risk assessments business’s could face fines or prosecution.


Therefore by choosing XME you can rest assured that your business will be protected with the relevant fire safety designed and installed by qualified engineers who hold relevant certificates in fire safety.

Fire Suppression Systems devon exeter

At XME we supply & install fire suppression systems for commercial and industrial properties. We offer full maintenance programs to insure that buildings are safe to use.


We specialize in FM-200 suppression systems and DSPA systems.


All of our engineers will provide ongoing advice and support to protect your building against an adverse situation. 

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