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Project Management 

"Full Management Team with our 30 Years of Trade Experience"

We provide full comprehensive project management services for high quality Commercial and Industrial M&E projects throughout the UK.

Our contractors have been serving the industry at a high comprehensive level for the past 30 years providing their clients with a loyal consistent services. At XME we have provided a range of Mechanical & Electrical building services for various projects around South West England and Greater London, covering commercial and industrial buildings from schools to hospitals. 

At XME we provide a full consultation and pricing service before creating a schedule of works which is consistently managed by a project management for every project and service we undertake. We aim to ensure perfection and fufill full safety requirements to ensure that the project is completed to a high standard. 

Our contract managers have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can assure you that the work you require will be completed effectively, on time and to your exact requirements. Our team will be available 24/7 to provide you with a superior helpline to ensure the project is completed effectively and to the standard to require.  

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