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Specialist Heating Contractors

"Our team of experienced engineers will design a system capable of delivering your property with maximum efficiency."

At XME we specialize in:

√  Gas Heating Systems

√  Storage heaters

√  Immersion heaters

√  Renewable heat systems

√  LPG central heating

√  Gas Central heating

√  AC & MVHR installations

√  Oil fuelled heating systems

At XME all of our boiler installations are quality controlled and pre-tested post installation to ensure your system works effectively. All systems are designed to match the size, structure and type of the building before installation. Follow up maintenance plans are also arranged after installations to keep your boilers working effectively all year round. 

Here at XME we believe that we are responsible for insuring that your heating and ventilation systems are operating efficiently so that you can carry out your work in comfort. Tailoring the service to meet your requirements, we can provide you with a bespoke installation and maintenance service.

Our heating engineers install boilers and heating systems in accordance with latest regulations and understand that the size, type and make of your boiler can affect how much energy your property will use. Our heating engineers will consult you on all the variations and prices of boilers which could be effective within your building.

Multiple Boiler Systems

Choosing to install multiple boilers instead of one large boiler will increase turndown ratio and improve the modulation capability to increase energy efficiency within buildings . The boilers therefore share the load to achieve higher energy efficiency and reliability.


At XME we will calculate the heat requirements within your commercial or industrial building, unlike other mechanical contractors we won’t just recommend single boiler upgrades but instead assess your buildings usage to determine if a rig or cascade system might increase efficiency of your property.


Our team of experienced engineers will advise you and design a system capable of delivering your property with maximum efficiency. 

Richards Lodge School Hot Calorfier Installation

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