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"XME provide clients with design, installations and upgrades for CCTV systems to maximize security”

In order to protect your commercial or industrial property from criminal activities and accidents, CCTV can provide your property with useful evidence for identifying criminal activities. CCTV increases the level of security and reduces the probability of damage and criminal behavior within and the surrounding areas of your commercial or industrial property. 


XME have provided enhanced security to properties through designing a CCTV system that is effective, specific to a buildings structure. Through providing Closed Circuit TV operations to public and private properties, XME have helped to increase security of clients. 

At XME our experienced engineers aim to: 
  1. Design a CCTV system tailored to your property's type and design

  2. Professionally install CCTV systems

  3. Test the system installed to ensure quality and reliable functioning

4.  Maintain your CCTV system to keep it working effectively

5.  System set up and explained to CCTV operator

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To find out more about our CCTV services

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