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Electrical Safety & Compliance Testing

"XME contractors are fully qualified in the design of electrical systems in both commercial and industrial environments to provide maximum energy efficiency."

All of our engineers aim to provide our clients with a premium service:

√   Electrical Wiring

√   Full and Partial Rewiring

√   Design of Electrical Networks

√   Safe and Effective Electrical Systems

√   Electrical Fault Tests and Repairs


Electrical Rewiring & Wiring Service

At XME we have provided full and partial rewiring services to commercial and industrial properties in Devon and surrounding areas. Here at XME we understand that electrical wiring is an important element of electrical systems and prevents adverse problems within a building from occuring. XME are fully qualified in the design of electrical systems in a variety of environments to provide maximum energy efficiency. We can also provide advice on improving current electrical systems to enhance the effectiveness and safety of your property. 

Fixed Wire Tests: Compliance

At XME we provide Fixed Wire tests which involve testing systems that conduct electricity in properties. Our engineers assess all elements of the electrical infrastructure of a building such as main panels, lighting, sockets, air conditioning and distribution boards. Fixed wire tests are a compulsory element of domestic, commercial and industrial units required every 5 years and sooner dependent on the infrastructure and design of the building being tested. Due to health and safety regulations, at XME we aim to do electrical wire tests out of normal working hours to avoid safety risks to staff, occupants and facility users.

Our Fixed Wire Test Includes:

√   Full Inspections by Fully Qualified Engineers

√   Fixed Wire Tests

√   Assessment Reports

√   Scheduling of Periodic Checks

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