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MVHR Units

"Specialising in all aspects of ventilation including MVHR and MEV (mechanical extraction ventilation) units specific to your building"

Specializing in all aspects of ventilation including MVHR and MEV (mechanical extraction ventilation) units, our dedicated and experienced team of specialists possess the expert knowledge and understanding to be able to assist you with any inquiry you may have. 

One of the leading manufacturers of MVHR units, Zehnder offer a comprehensive range of heat recovery ventilation units which can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of your building.  Zehnder remains the optimal solution for energy performance and the provision of excellent air quality throughout the year. One of our recent projects was to commission and install a MVHR system for a local authority development of 48 Passivhaus properties. Our engineers are qualified to sign off domestic installations as per the new building control regulations (L3).

A MVHR installed by XME will provide:

Fresh Clean Filtered Air

Lower Energy Bills

Quiet in Operation

Humidity Control

Removes Allergens from the Air

such as Dust and Pollen

Increases Circulation of Air

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Design of MVHR System

Advice on MVHR Brand & Installation Plan

MVHR Install / Commisioning

All of our engineers are experienced in the design and installation of MVHR systems and are there to assist and offer advice catered to your specific buildings structure, type and design. At XME we also offer a full after care program with regular scheduled maintenance visits to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of your system year round. 

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